Cristalplant 3D Wall

Cristalplant 3D Wall: Leading company in Europe for solidsurface production, which it makes 100% in Italy with excellent aesthetic properties and finish and which can be applied transversally to several sectors. In doing so, the company achieves all the solutions that spring from the imagination of the most famous international designers and architects and creates objects that resemble works of art, but that are produced in series.. solid, surface, finitura, pezzi, unici, designers, architetti, solid, surface, vasca da bagno, lavello, cristalplant, 3d, lavandino, bath, sink


A standard and safe assembly system is used in “Cristalplant3Dwall”, making easy to style it on the room shape; each time, modules are customised both in their aesthetics and in their dimensions. From 1000x1000 mm to 1000x3000 mm modules: they could change dimensions and model, but their framework is always the same.
A technology coming from the naval sector assures preciseness - and allows short assembly times!