Cristalplant 3D Wall

Cristalplant 3D Wall: Leading company in Europe for solidsurface production, which it makes 100% in Italy with excellent aesthetic properties and finish and which can be applied transversally to several sectors. In doing so, the company achieves all the solutions that spring from the imagination of the most famous international designers and architects and creates objects that resemble works of art, but that are produced in series.. solid, surface, finitura, pezzi, unici, designers, architetti, solid, surface, vasca da bagno, lavello, cristalplant, 3d, lavandino, bath, sink

The material

Cristalplant® adapts to any shape and concept: fluid, organic, perfectly flat, circular or multifaceted and angular.

The ideal material for a soft touch effect, thanks to its velvety surface, both warm and pleasant to the touch.

Hygienic and easy to clean because of its non-porous surface thanks to its composition: 80% natural minerals and 20% extremely pure polymers.

The advantages

Cristalplant3Dwall patterns can take on any shape, generating even the most eclectic Cristalplant® projects.

This innovative material ensures top performance such as class 0 flame retardant standards, no maintenance, easy and rapid assembly, customised patterns, for use both indoor and outdoor, personalised colours and installation services with partners from all over the world.